There is bound to be some questions about submitting a story. Here are some answers to help you submit your story.

Will my story be public on the internet?

Yes, we will be adding your story to our website if it passes our editorial process. We do encourage you to supply basic details about yourself to be displayed with your story.

Are all submitted stories used?

No, not all stories will suit our website format. This may be due to unsuitable content, or a story may not be at a standard that it can be automatically published by our staff. We will contact you personally to see if you would like to take part in our Writers Group Workshops that are held once a month to see if you would be interested in developing your story further.

Will you display my personal details?

We value your privacy and will not make all of your personal details visible on our website. However, we would ask to display your name and profile image to appear against your story. All other contact details like email, phone and address are only collected for our staff to contact you about your story.

Can I record my story on your website?

Yes, certainly. We have the facilities for you to verbally record your stories through our website. This audio story can then be submitted for review by our staff, and editored if needed. This way we can remove any long breaks and make your story flow smoothly.

What's the best way to submit my audio file?

We find that writting out your story first is the best way to get a good quality audio file. It's a bit daunting to speak into your computers speakers, so we encourage you to write out your story first and read from the written script.

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