Share your story

Indigenous Stories Project invites you to learn the 'art of storytelling' and share your story under the guidance of Yirra Yaakin's very own professional Indigenous actors to prepare for your recording.

Here's how it works:

1. Think of a story you would like to share.

This can be either a written story, an audio only story, or a recorded video of your story.

2. Prepare your story

We hold regular writers group workshops on the second Monday of every month. Sessions are free, and all members of the Aboriginal Community are welcome to attend.

3. Share your story

Come into our studio to work alongside our team to record your story in written or digital format and take home a free copy of your recording.


Indigenous Stories is an independent nonprofit program run by Irma Woods through Yirra Yaakin Theater Company. Our mission is to provide an opportunity to learn the 'art of storytelling' and inspire Noongar people to record and share their stories.

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